Interact with InterAction:
Monthly Newsletter—September 2017
Interact with InterAction
Monthly Newsletter—September 2017

Accelerate Growth—State of Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

Learn about current trends in law firm marketing from this Accelerate 2017 panel of law firm leaders discussing strategy, metrics, and organizational structure. Watch the session here.

For more, access our free 2017 Law Firm Marketing and Business Development Survey Report.

Thrown into the CRM Deep End?

New hires often face sink-or-swim conditions when starting a new marketing or data steward role at a law firm. Don’t drown – discover lifesaving tools that save time and maximize project success.

Our certified InterAction® customer relationship management software trainers have best practices, tips, and tricks for every level in the InterAction for Marketing & Data Stewards course. Register today: Los Angeles | Washington, DC | New York

Tips and Tricks

Ever looked at your list of InterAction searches and wondered if you really need them all? Use these tips and tricks to correlate other objects in InterAction with your searches so you know if they should stay or go.

Join Us

Did you miss our What’s New with InterAction webinar in August? Access the slides and recording here.

Watch for an invitation to an upcoming Interact with InterAction webinar. Join Maggie Hepburn and Mandy Hays, two seasoned InterAction experts, as they discuss the passive data collection tools that increase your BD bandwidth. They’ll reveal how Data Minder, IQ, Business Edge, FDA Rules and more can help.

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