Interact with InterAction:
Monthly Newsletter—May 2017
Interact with InterAction
Monthly Newsletter—May 2017

Accelerate Growth

Stuck in a rut? Seven points every law firm struggling to move business development efforts forward can benefit from.

Tips and Tricks

Do you find it tough to get your attorneys involved in adding contacts to your campaigns? Learn an insider tip to get your marketing lists updated effortlessly by your attorneys with this 3 minute video clip.

Join Us!

Did you miss our “What’s New with InterAction” webinar in March?  There are some BIG InterAction changes happening this year!  Stay well-informed by accessing the slides and recording here.

Early registration is now open for the May InterAct with InterAction webinar! Save your seat in the highly anticipated session “Spring into Marketing Lists” with Drew Sammeth, InterAction Trainer. Drew will share tips and tricks from his InterAction and law firm marketing experience to help you streamline your list management and improve contact accuracy. Register now


62% of companies in the data pool have 10 firms or fewer accounting for at least 80% of outside counsel fees. Corporations with high levels of law firm consolidation have increased significantly, so start looking at your organization as a business first rather than a law firm that happens to be a business. Watch the next evolution in business development with this 2 minute introduction to InterAction Business Edge.

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