Interact with InterAction:

Monthly Newsletter—June 2017

Interact with InterAction

Monthly Newsletter—June 2017

Tips and Tricks

Seeing double? Watch this five-minute video to work smarter when you’re merging duplicate contact information, people, and companies.

Join Us

Don’t worry if you missed our webinar, “Best Practices for Marketing List Management.” Access the recording and slides now to save time by putting best practices into place.

Register today for the next Interact with InterAction webinar on June 21st: Unlocking the Change Management Secrets of User Adoption. Register now.

Training Spotlight

Back to the basics, made even better. If you’re new to InterAction or need a refresher, the InterAction Essentials series is getting its own refresher, with more interactive help, more activities, more best-practice sharing. Our new mix of instructor-led lessons and hands-on activities allows students to navigate and rehearse essential tasks. Register today.

Product Spotlight

Discover why a growing number of leading law firms are choosing InterAction IQ to support their business development efforts. Get your free eBook now.

Professional Services Spotlight

Have you engaged with the Professional Services team lately? There are some amazing minds at your fingertips. For example, meet John Leininger, Sr. Consultant for InterAction Professional Services. He specializes in integrations that link your data with IA and also builds custom reports for InterAction. In upcoming newsletters, we will spotlight our most popular offerings. In the meantime, get to know them on our new website.

More Great Things to Come

Interact with InterAction is going global. In the coming months, we will be expanding our newsletter to include info for non-US customers. Stay tuned for more region-specific content.

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