Interact with InterAction:

Monthly Newsletter—December 2017

Interact with InterAction

Monthly Newsletter—December 2017

Accelerate Growth

Check out the 10-step GDPR plan the UK LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions team produced in conjunction with Gary Hibberd, Managing Director of Agenci. It provides bite-sized practical guidance on how to meet the requirements of this upcoming 2018 regulation.

Training Spotlight

Up your knowledge game with new skills and recognition. InterAction Certification is coming to LexisNexis University in 2018. Learn more.

Customer Success

When it comes to sharing best practices for CRM, your fellow InterAction users are a great resource for actionable insights. Read this blog for one firm’s perspective on success using InterAction.

Product Spotlight

Is business development a strategic priority for 2018? The InterAction Business Edge November release simplifies the creation of Pursuits and Opportunities, including a new business card display and a simplified creation form. Find out how to move business forward with three data points or fewer.

Tips and Tricks

With end-of-year events in full swing, create an efficient RSVP review process with a General RSVP Report that can be used on any mailing list without any updating. Watch this short video and learn how to extract the information from your lists quickly and start using your data right away.

Join Us

Did you miss our November webinar “Data Quality: The Next Level”? Access the slides and recording here.

Also, if you haven’t seen part one in the four-part webinar series on GDPR and how InterAction will help you prepare for compliance, access the slides and recording here. Look for an invitation to the second part in January on this important topic.

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